US Virgin Islands    August 2007

This year's venture was a trip to the US Virgin Islands with Jill and Mike. We stayed at the Secret Harbour Resort on the island Saint Thomas. It would be tough to determine a highlight between the incredible snorkeling on St John or the private boar rental. Mix in some incredible snorkeling right off the Resort Beach, and meeting some friends that currently live in Virgina but just happened to be there the same night and we had an absolute blast.

Salomon Beach Hike

One of our most memorable days was our Hike to Salomon Beach. Not to be missed on any trip to the US Virgin islands is the island of St John. Most of the island is a natural park and it’s everything you think a Caribbean island could look like. If you are staying at St Thomas it is only a short ferry ride out of Red Hook over to the island. Once you’re on the island your options are numerous, but our choice was to find something off the beaten path and the short hike to Salomon Beach definite fit the bill. You can walk to the trail head from the ferry landing and for just a 1 mile walk, you will find one of the best beaches around, and mostly empty. Incredible views, and the best snorkeling ever.

2.0 mile round trip, 160' elevation change

The Hotel

We stayed at the Secret Harbour
beach resort. They are not the fanciest hotel, nor even the most luxurious, but I would stay there again. What they have that no one else does is direct access to a bay with some very cool snorkeling. A different experience to the shallow waters of St John, the snorkeling in the bay is over deeper water, you see fewer fish, but you see different fish,included a school of squid. I didn't think the Beachfront rooms were worth the extra cost, so if we go again we'll try and get one of the Ocean view Suites on the hill. A second story room on the hill would have an amazing view. When getting a room anywhere in the Virgin Islands don't forget about the 14% tax, it's a bit of a sticker shock from the quoted room rates.


A Sailboat for two for a day. The Sailboat Treazzure Yes its more way more than you want to spend, but it's hard not to feel like a millionaire even if it's just for a day. You and your spouse on a private yacht, fine food and drink, and a Captiain thatwill take to you some incedible bays for snorkeling right off the boat. And if you can convince a couple of friends to go along (they take up to 6 people) the price will not even break the bank.

9. Stiching a Pano on a moving sailboat was a little harder than I thought it would be.
10.Louise and I, just to prove we were there :)
11. Tim in Cinnamon Bay
12. Cinnamon Bay
14. Yes, the boat comes with a cat.
15. Caneel Bay







Chance Meeting

So we haven't been on the island for more than an hour or two when we get a call from one of Louie's old friends who live in Virgina saying that they are in town and want to know if we want to go to dinner. We mention we would love to, but we are on vacation in the Virgin Islands and they say, whatca know, so are we :). I'm unsure where this picture was taken but the place had good food and a great view. What I do remember is the restaurant/bar they took us to later for drinks, The Green House. The place had good drinks, good food, and "relatively" cheap prices. An all around comfortable place to kick back.

Misc Shots

17. Magans Bay from Drakes seat on St Thomas
18. Jill and Mike
19. Louise
20. The city of Charlotte Amalie
21. A statue in town
22. Random shot of the bay