Vegas   October 2014

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Vegas Again

Another trip to Vegas, yep it's hard but someone needs to do it.

Normally we would not have gone back to Vegas this soon, but a friend of ours Jill was going out for a conference and asked us if we were interested in meeting her. Of course we don’t take much arm twisting for a vacation so we said yes.

Not a lot of pictures this time as we’ve have been 3 times before and by this time I’ve taken a picture of almost everything at least twice. I did want to get some night shots so I took the DSLR out a couple nights in an attempt to get some pictures of the lights.

The big activities this trip were the Sky Jump, Lunch at the Paris Paris, and the Absinth show. Add those lots of walking around, some drinking, and some gambling and you have a good trip.

For Information about the Sky Jump see below.

The lunch at the Paris Paris (picture 2) is fabulous. It’s also incredible expensive at $174 for 2 with tax and tip if you get the wine flight. Still worth it. Fantastic food, service, and view.

The Absinthe show is harder to rate. At $110 a person it’s about average in cost for a show in Vegas. As an acrobatic variety show it was great, with the seating setup such that there was not a bad seat in the house and you were incredibly close. What will turn many people off is the MC. They seem to think that crude humor is the way to go and go all out toward it. I really don’t see how it adds to the experience. With that said if you ignore him the acts themselves were very good.

The Sky Jump

The Sky Jump is the newest thrill ride at the Stratosphere in Vegas.

Technically not a jump but a “commercial decelerator descent” where they put you in a rock climbing harness and then lower you from the top of the building to ground, very quickly. It’s 830’ feet from the top to the bottom and you get lowered at about 40mph.

The fun part is the first step. After they harness you in and tied you off to the cable, it’s up to you to take the final step off the platform into thin air. From that point on your pretty much committed. It’s a great view and its fun but at $120 a person the prices is not cheap. Louise and I disagree with her saying it’s the best ride on the Stratosphere and myself voting for the Big Shot. In either case, it’s definitely a thrill ride and a heck of a view.




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Pictures of Us

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