Topsail Island, NC   May 2021

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Just a week at the beach to end the Pandemic of 2021.

I found a house on North Topsail Island for a week at a great price and decided that the perfect way to start the summer and celebrate the ending of the Pandemic was to take off for a week.

Topsail doesn't really have any "attractions" so this is definitely a "bring your own entertainment" kind of trip. What it does have are some great ocean views and a lack of crowds. Going before Memorial Day was a great way to save some money and only required planning about a month in advance. I brought lots of small projects and some single player games that I had never gotten around to playing and this was a great success. I even managed to take a day trip down to Myrtle Beach to see my folks.

As for the highlights

  • Getting a beach house on what I call "row 1.5". Normally when you rent a beach house "Ocean Front" is normally "row 1" and the street behind that has limited or blocked views is "row 2". At topsail there are multiple houses you can get that are on "row 2" but do not have any house in front giving you a clear an unobstructed beach view, but without the price.
  • That first view of the ocean as you crest the bridge onto topsail island is a spectacular view.
  • A smartly designed house with the living room on the 3rd floor and the bedrooms on the 2nd. I don't care about the view from the bedroom. What I want is a great view from living and dining rooms where I'm going to be spending most of the time.
  • The tall deck chairs. I wish everyone would have these. It's so annoying to go sit on a deck, only to have the view blocked by the railing in front of you.
  • The "What's Sup" cashier at the IGA grocery store.

As for a great place to eat, it's hard to go wrong at Shaka Taco.


As I said, not a lot to do other than just look at the waves. That being said there was a storm that rolled in the first night and the beach was constantly changing the entire trip which was very cool.