Tallulah Gorge, Georgia    Dec 2002

Another set of old pictures I've been meaning to get online.

The Tallulah Gorge is located just inside of Georgia near the borders of TN, SC, and GA. About 6hrs from Raleigh, so probably not something you will do unless your in the area.

It's straightforward hike down the gorge to the falls with a lot of stairs between you and the bottom. When we fist read the sign we thought it meant it would be a "round trip" of 1200 stairs, turned out it was 1200 each way (nothing like a little exercise huh?)

The pictures are out of order but you'll get the idea. The First pictures is actually the view from the bottom. A difficult picture with the high contrast and the best shot is from a quite precarious boulder you have to stand on. It took me 6 pictures to get the final product, 3 across and 2 different exposures each to get the highlights and shadows.

Tallulah Gorge