Myrtle Beach, SC   April 2012

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Myrtle Beach, NC

My parents have lived in Myrtle Beach for a while now, so every time we visit we just stay with them. During one of our visits my Mom mentioned that while they have been to the beach many times, they had never stayed on the beach. That was about all Louise and I needed for a reason to plan a trip for all of us to get a place that overlooked the sand and surf.

We found a couple good places to eat, did some tourist stuff, and generally had a good time. I can see myself doing this one again.

Hotel and Room

We were looking for a place on the beach, with 2 bedrooms, and great views. We had also scoped out a great bar at the 2nd Ave pier. It’s a newer pier and bar that was built to anchor the south point of the new Myrtle Beach boardwalk. After looking at a couple of places we found that most of the places with 2 bedrooms had 1 bedroom with a great view and one with no view at all. This probably works fine if you are going with kids, but not what we were looking for with two sets of adults.

Among the options the Oceans One Resort really stood out. It has a perfect location, 2 room suites, a very nice view, and it has a good off season rate. The two bedroom units that we were interested in are on the sides of the building which means that both bedrooms have a nice view, even if the second bedroom’s view is of the land side. On the downside it also means that the view from the balcony is not a straight on view of the ocean, but the compensation is that almost the entire wall of the living room is glass which was incredible.

Since we really wanted the views and to walk along the beach, and could pass on going into the water, we were able to go in a month before the rates increased. I’ve heard the summer rates are excessive, but they only have rates published till the end of the year so I can’t check them now. Be aware when looking at rates that they have at least 14 room types.

1. The Oceans One Resort in Myrtle Beach
2. The view from our room
3-4. The view from the Living Room
5. The view from the Guest Bedroom
6. The view from the Master Bedroom








If I’m going to eat at a resturant at the beach I want to be able to see the Ocean while I eat. Damon’s is the best for this as it’s built on stilts but if you want a fancier resturant the Sea Captain does have some seats near the window that are very nice. If your just going for drinks, nothing beats the Second Ave Pier, just be aware that the mixed drink prices are riduclos, so stick with beer, or ask the price before you purchase.

1. Damon’s Grill

2. Sea Captain

3. Second Ave Pier, Open Air Bar





I can recommend all of these. Yes, most of them are geared towards “kids” but you’ at the beach, live a litte.

1. Wonder works at Broadway at the Beach

The inside portion of Wonder Works is more for the younger kids. Mostly a kids science musuem. On the outside however they have a free standing ropes course and Zip line. If you have not had the opourtunity to try one of the new free standing ropes course’s you should take a look.

2. Myrtle Beach Board walk

The only public board warlk in Myrtle Beach. Its about a mile long achored on the south side by my favorite Second Ave Pier and on the North Side by the Sky Wheel. Worth the walk, and there is plenty of shopping, food, bars, and activities around the Sky Wheel area.

3. Mt. Atlanticus, Mini Golf

One of the best Mini Golf course in the area.

4. Backstage Mirror Maze

Very well done. If you can manage to go at at time when there is no one else around it’s outstanding. We went about an hour before closing during the week and had the place to ourselves. Highly recommended.