Minneapolis    December 2008

Minneapolis in December? Ok, the first question is why. My cousin David was getting married, and we had not seen him in a long, long time so why not? And of course, since it's the Jenkins going, I thought we would do some site seeing along the way.

Mall of America, Official Site

The largest mall in the US, complete with Lego land. Over 520 stores on three levels with an amusement park in the center. A seven story parking deck with 12,500 parking spaces. Definately a place made for shopping.

Minneapolis and St Paul

Around town in December in Minneapolis and St Paul.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul, Fort Snelling National Park (Part of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area National Park), the mississippi river, and Minnehaha Falls in Minnehaha Park.

And just how cold does it get in Mn in December? Cold enough to freeze a waterfall. Now thats cold.