Charleston, SC    April 2008

A Walk in the City

A quick trip to the City of Charleston makes a great 3 day weekend. Walk through the city and see the old buildings or even better take a carriage ride. Take a quick trip into the creepiest cemetery I've ever seen. Start on the east side of the city at Waterfront Park, then walk south along the battery and see Fort Sumter in the distance and oogle the incredible houses. Then end your walk on the south side in White Point Park. Great little tour.

Downtown Cemetary Waterfront Park
Fort Sumter Battery Street White Pt Gardens

Fort Sumter

There are actually two parks in the Fort Sumter National Park System. Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie. Fort Sumter is the fort on the island in the middle of the harbor, and the one we went to on this trip. While of major historic value, Fort Sumter was almost entirely destroyed in the civil war. They only rebuilt the first story after the war and rebuilt it for the Spanish American war years later. So at this point there is not alot of original fort left.

Middleton Place Plantation

From the website and the aerial picture it looked like this place would be great. Unfortunately, while the actually park was nice, the picture from the website was better than the actual place. The statue garden was very nice, and the grounds were well maintained, just probably not worth the entrance fee.