Cedar Point Ohio    10-13-2005













Why Ohio? Cause they got coasters, lots of coasters. We flew into Cleveland on a Thurs and drove the hour and a half over to Sandusky Ohio. Some fun with our bags being delay, but it still beat driving 11 hours. Cedar Point is an amusement park in Sandusky Ohio that really has most other parks beat hands down. There largest roller coasters are 430' and 310' tall, which should be high enough for anybody. The park has an interesting layout. You can see from the picture 4 that they own the entire peninsula.

The first night we stayed at Castaway Bay, an indoor water park adjacent to Cedar point (Pictures 1,2,3). Indoor water parks with hotels seem to be all the rage in that area. It was fun and pretty impressive that they were able to squeeze so much in. The other 2 hotel/waterparks in the area are the Kalahari and the Great Wolf Lodge.

And yes for those that are wondering, I had to get some of these pictures from other websites. Sorry, but the park frowns on cameras on the rides.

Picture 5. When this is the view from a couple of miles away, you know it's going to be good.

Pictures 6,7. The Millennium Force, 310', with an 80 degree drop.

Pictures 8,9. The Power Tower, a 240' drop. One of the best rides at the park. Not content to just let you drop from the top, the ride uses compressed air to push you down when you get to the top.

Picture 10. The Mean Streak. Yes that's a REALLY large wooden coaster. And yes, it's also a lot of fun.

The Last two pictures (11,12) were a trip 'extra'. The park only opens halloween weekends (The month of October) from 6pm to 12pm so we had some time to kill on Friday morning. And what better way to kill time than to find some local wineries? We found 2 within 20 minutes (who knew?). Firelands and "The other place" (Ok, so I forgot the name). The wine at Firelands was good, but they don't ship outside the state, and bottles are really heavy to carry, so we didn't get much. Of particular interest was the wines made from Concorde grapes. The winery has there own island on lake Eerie where they group all their grapes.

The "other place" is where the pictures 11,12 are from. The wine was not very good. I never knew what term immature meant when applied to wine until we tried these. On the other hand, the winery store was great. The took an old barn, and retro fitted it with large plate glass windows for an incredible look.

In short, yes, were going back. (I probably should mention this to Lousie tho), So if anyone else is interested drop me a line.