Breckenridge   March 1, 2009

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Another Tim adventure. Just myself this time. Two ski days in Breckenridge Colorado. This is the third year going to Breckenridge and I finally hit the jackpot. Everything was open from the top to the bottom and the weather was so clear you could see forever. Incredible.

Some of the best

If all you have is 90 seconds, here are three pictures to give you the flavor of the trip.

The Ski ride of a lifetime

This is the reason you go to the gym. About three years ago,Breckenridge built the highest chairlift in North America at 12,840 ft. A short (but brutal hike) to the top takes you to an even 13,000 ft. The best measure I can get from the web is a vertical drop of 3,260ft elevation from the top of the slope to the bottom. For comparison Snowshoe WV is 1,501 ft, and Ski Beach NC is 830ft.

There are Three popular routes down from the top, and similar to most of the above the treeline skiing, there is are no official boundary lines. The 'slope' is down, other than that, pick a good line and ski. Its still a very strange experience for those of us that grew up skiing in the east were all of the slopes are very constrained.

Find a coffee shop with a view. Enjoy the morning before the slopes open. This was taken from coffee shop on the back side of Breckenridge's Main Street.

Getting to the top takes some planning. From the base, you take a chair lift, get off and take another chairlift, then ski down a short slope and take another chairlift. From there there is just this last one to go. This is Breckenridge's newest claim to fame the 'Imperial Chairlift".

Welcome to the top of the highest chairlift in North America, but your not to the top yet.

120' of climb never seemed so much as when you do it at 13,000' and in ski boots. I really, really thought I was in shape before this climb. Had to stop 3 times on the way up to catch my breath. Thankfully no one else seemed to be doing much better so my ego was not to bruised. Figure about 10' for a flight of stairs and this is a 12 story climb

Welcome to the top of the world. Get someone to take your picture.

Wait for someone else to be the first one down. This is the top of the Imperial Bowl and one of the ways down the Mt. Very steep for the first 30' or so and always had at least a couple people just standing there looking down and waiting for someone else to go first to 'see how it looks'.

This is looking off the back side. Copper Mt ski resort is on the right. Snow covered Mt tops as far as the eye can see.

After all that work to get here, take one last look. Notice the little people on the lower right.

I lied, one more view never hurt.  You'll notice I was not able to stich these pictures perfectly. I had a difficult time taking the multiple pictures from left to right without loosing my balance standing on the slope.

Plan your route.
If you don't like heights, you will not like this part. Very narrow, very steep.  Its much worse when you are actually skiing it.  When you are on the catwalk you can only see as far as the lip.  So from that vantage point it looks like its a cliff just 20' away.  Unsettling to say the least.
Pick a spot between the poles and take the plunge. Many times you can get lucky and someone has at least cut the start of a path, otherwise, well, otherwise it gets exciting.
Crowds? What crowds?  Yes there were a lot of people on the beginner slopes and at the bottom. But up here it was wide open.
Yea this is steep. Its actually the steepest thing I've ever skied. Those slopes at the bottom are not flat.They just look that way in comparison. Those are actually the intermediate slopes.
Another perspective on what you just skied.
A side slope through the trees. There is a slope here somewhere.
From here down it's just a nice ski down the intermediate slope to the bottom. Took about 16 minutes from top to bottom. Seemed much longer, but I was moving at a good clip most of the time.