Breckenridge, CO   March 2020

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Another year, another trip out west to ski. A test of a new VR camera, and a great deal on lodging and lift tickets.

VR Pictures

This time I tried something different and bought a Vuze XR VR. I hoped that I could get some good 360 panoramas and even some good 180 3d images that I could view on my oculus go. Alas, the technology is just not ready for prime time. In this case the let down was the camera. Specifically, it has issues with dynamic range. You lose all of the shadows so most of the detail. In thinking about this a lot, my guess is that for any 360 camera to look good, it's going to have to take pictures in HDR.

I found a javascript file that uses WebVR to display 360 images in a browser, but it doesn't work that well for 180 degree images. Your millage will varry.







Random Pictures

Since I've been here 7 times now, I'm about pictured out, but here are a few.

  1. A picture from the Imperial Bowl. I have not skied this in many years, but the weather was perfect and it was rather grand
  2. Showing the Steep. One of the reasons I wanted to try 3D was that getting a picture that conveys just how steep the slopes are is incredibly difficult. I think this one finally does the trick
  3. Not the sign you want to see before going into the back country.