Breckenridge   March 2018

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A ski trip to Breckenridge CO with my brother Mark.

It only took a decade or so of arm bending but I finally got my brother Mark out to Colorado for some skiing. We had a great time and both of us returned in one piece so I'll consider that a win. I didn't want to chance poor weather so we went in March, and the weather was wonderful. Definitely some crowds, but as always with Breckenridge, the place is huge so if try just a little you can avoid them for the most part.

Pictures 3 & 4: The top of the mountain. There is one and only one Blue Run down from the top. Definitely worth the effort for the view.

Pictures 5 & 6: Crowds? Where are these crowds you mention? This is a great slope on the back side of Breckenridge. You have to take it on faith a bit that there is a non-crazy way down in a couple of spots, but it's a great adventure with almost no one else around.

Picture 7: The scenic way back to Denver. Highly recommended if you have some time to kill.