Breckenride 2013   February 2013

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The yearly ski trip this year was a trip back to Breckenridge Colorado. Andy decided he was in the mood for a ski trip so it was was a quick guys extended weekend to the high mountains.

The pictures below are definitely not representative of the trip as most of them were taken in a brief 2 hr window of sunlight on Mon or taken on Tue as we walked around town. What it really looked like would be more like picture #2. The weather was OMG cold. A high of 17 without wind chill and cloudy. I didn’t bother with pictures as all you would have seen was a featureless white/grey. We did have some brief moments when the sun broke through so it wasn’t all bad, but I would have preferred warmer or more sun, or both. Then again, Breckenridge’s nickname is BreckenFridge, so I guess we should have expected it.

One of the best news of the trip was the success of a high altitude medicine called Diamox. I’ve had major headaches due the altitude every time I’ve been to Colorado but never found anything that worked. A neighbor mentioned the product Diamox so I got a prescription. Miracle drug. It worked perfectly.

We stayed at the Village at Breckenridge in the hotel section. While not bad, I would definitely not recommend this over the other building which is more like a condo. The condo rooms are larger, have a full kitchen, are better decorated, and have better amenities like DVD players. Unfortunately what they don’t have is two beds, so it’s not quite the thing you are looking for when trying to share a room to cut costs.

Food wise I hit some restaurants I’ve eaten at before so there were no big surprises. Empire Burger is excellent, Downstairs at Erics is very good and comfortable. The least impressive was the Breckenridge Brewery which I could pass on.

We had some time to kill on Tue as the flight didn’t leave until 5pm so we took the scenic route back to Denver via Keystone and Loveland pass. Highly recommend if you have the time and the weather is good.

Assorted Pictures