Breckenridge, CO    12-15-2006

No surprise, after the first trip to Breckenridge, we had to go again. This time we stayed at the Breckenridge Marriott Pricey, but excellent rooms and a great location. The early season conditions were not nearly as good as the March skiing we had last time, but with a mountain this big there were still some spots to be found. Of note were the runs in the back off of the no 6 chair lift. This area always seems less crowded and the bowl makes a kind of natural wind break.

The Best

On The Slopes

If you want to see the views from the top of the T-Bar but don't want to ski the Black's? Try Alpine Alley. Be aware when sking the runs off of chair 6 that "No Name" and "Alpine Alley" are very narrow in a couple spots.

1. A snowboarder on Alpine Alley.
2. Either the No Name or the Psycopath.
3. The Base of Peak 9. Amazing how far away the tops look from here.
4. Peak 9 runs.
5. Peak 9 or 10, hard to say.
6. One of my favorite views. Very close to the base of the T-Bar.
7. One of the Chair 6 runs.
8. A Skier on Frosty Freeway.









Around Town

We had took a later flight out from Denver so we had some time to walk around the town in the daylight. The main street is very nice and they have a couple of small parks with art. I could never get a good picture without the clouds, but that matched the skiing conditions of the day before so it's at least consistent. I'm also still trying to get a good picture of the Continetal Divide and tunnel. How about I just say it's way cool.

9. The view from the Breckenridge Marriott.
10. Walking around the Hotel
11. The view from the Town Square
12. View Left - Peaks 10 and 9.
13. View Center - Peak 8 and the Horseshoe Bowl
14. Continental Divide







Red Rock and Denver

And with even more time to spare we stopped at Red Rocks Park, managed by the city of Denver. Know more for the concerts and amphitheater, its also a good place to kill some time walking around. The park is listed at over 800 acres so I bet there is far more to find. What I find most interesting are pictures 17 and 19. It is hard to explain to people just how flat Denver is, and how abrupt the mountains start at the edge of the city.

15. Red Rocks Amphitheatre
16. Red Rocks, misc features
17. Denver in the Distance
18. Red Rocks, misc features
19. Mountians of the "Front Range" from the Airport