Breckenridge, CO   3-15-2006

We've been talking about it for years, and we finally got ourselves out there! Went to Breckenridge this winter for some sking in the big mountains. Saw Julie from College and her family in Denver while we we out, and had a good time. Was very cold and low visibility the first day, but it cleared up the second and I got some good pictures (if I do say so myself). Enjoy!

For Starters we have the all important "Establishing Shots". (Yes I would have started off with some pictures of us and Julie but we were all so wrapped up in talking (image that), that both of us forgot to take an pictures. Maybe next time).

The Best




#1: Is of the trail map for those skiers out there. What was most interesting to us was given the shear size of the ski area, you had to take multiple chair lifts to get anywhere. They have 4 major 'peaks' and 3-4 other ski 'areas' on the mountain.

#2: The view from the first hotel, the Breckenridge Marriott. A very nice hotel and our top pick when we go again.

#3: Peak 8, The tallest peak at the resort. From the hotel room I thought the ski area must be vacant because I couldn't see any skiers. Then I realized the little moving dots on the mountain were people. Yep, it's big.




Everything they say about the "fun with high altitudes" is true. Our plans on going up had been to ski for part of the day the first day we got there, but after getting winded walking up 2 flights of stairs we decided to wait a day. So we went for an old fashion sleigh ride. Let's just say that unlike the movies, a sleigh ride in winter in Colorado is a real good way to get cold in a hurry.

#4-#5: We took a sleigh ride via Breckenridge Mt Sleigh Rides

#6: Yes it was as cold as it looks




#7: Even the First Day when it was cloudy and snowing the view was gorgeous.

#8: One of my signature panos

#9: Louise in ski gear




A comment or two before the next pictures. The first day we were skiing visibility ranged from ok to non-existant. During a lull in the snow fall I thought I'd give a shot at skiing the horseshoe bowl. The picture below #11 is from the second day. On the first day I was standing in the same place getting up the nerve to ski down when it started snowing so bad that I could no longer see where the edge of the slope started. Never seen anything like it. Absolute white-out for about 5 minutes. Nothing to due but just stand there and wait.

#10: The View of the "Horseshoe Bowl" at 200% Magnification. Yep, it's big.

#11: *My Best shot. From the Top of the Horseshoe Bowl.

#12: The zoomed in area is the skier ahead of me. I thought that would add a little scale to the picture. At the top of the picture you can see the city of Breckenridge and the end of the ski slop. From where picture 2 was taken.




Pictures #14, #15 are taken from different spots on the same run. Yep its large.

#13-#14: Just a couple nice pictures

#15: A Picture of the lodge




And of course, now it's time for the 'Run of the Day'. I was skiing the back side of the mountain, when I rode up the ski lift with "supper granny". She was somewhere between 50-60 and was talking about how good the skiing was on this side and that I just 'needed' to try one of these runs. Even from the chair lift I could see that these were 'slightly more difficult'.

#16: The "back side" Peak 9 runs.

#17: Speaks for itself

#18: My favorite named slope ever




And finally, just some odds and ends.

#19: Late in the Day. This is the Imperial Bowl. I dding't get to ski this due to avalanche control and time constraints. It's on the top of my list for next time.

#20: Just me.

#21: A Picture from the Denver Airport. Denver is very, very flat. The mountains just kinda start somewhere at the edge of town. Much different from the east coast.




The true measure of any trip is the question "Would you go again?".