Tims Webpage Testing


Test Page MiceDraft

ASP Variable and Image

ASP Image frame Image Frame



ASP Controls

RadioButtonList, from MS radiobutton1

RadioButtonList, Simple radiobutton2


Vertical Alignment with Divs ****Lots of Examples*** test_VertAlign1.htm

"float:left" vs "display:inline-block" test_picturebox.htm

"float:left" vs "display:inline-block" Whitespace Test test_picturebox2.htm
No Noticable Difference

3 Column Div Layout test_div1.htm
Fail: Unequal Col Heights

Divs with "display: table" test_div3.htm
Fail: no Col Span or row span fail


Include Nav + Master Page test_master5.aspx

Include Nav Test test_include2.aspx

Include Test test_include1.aspx

Navigation Controls

Using a UL with CSS for a Naviation Control test_nav2.aspx

Treeview Naviation Control test_nav1.aspx
requires file "web.sitemap"
The sitemap file must be placed in the root directory of the web

Aspx Treeview Control inside of a Table test_layout_table2.aspx
requires file "web.sitemap"
The sitemap file must be placed in the root directory of the web
Fail: Inherited properties on the table element changes treeview control

Using Master Page "master1.master"
The master page uses "TimStyle1.css"

Basic Test test_master1.aspx

Javascript Button test_master2.aspx

CSS Testing test_master3.aspx

CSS Tables test_master4.aspx

Master Page Overide test_master6.aspx
uses master2.master

Master Page Overide , by link. (with master1) test_master7.aspx    (wtih master2) test_master7.aspx
uses master2.master

Testing Layouts
These Do NOT use the master page, or external Style Sheet

Layout with Tables test_layout_table1.aspx

Simple Div Layout2, with my layout test_div2.aspx
Fail: Unequal Col Heights

ASP Testing
response.write test test_asp1.aspx

Basic Page

Basic page with the Standard tags and no includes test_BasePage.htm