Comic Book Recommendations

Excellent 5/5

  • Invincible
  • Crecy

Very Good 4/5

  • Dark Victory
  • Ultimate Nightmare
  • Nemesis
  • Batman 465-471
  • American Vampire
  • Fables
  • The Pro
  • Pyongyang
  • Astro City
  • Happy
  • Kick Ass
  • Wanted
  • DMZ
  • The Marvels Project
  • Kingdom Come
  • Nazrat


All Reviews

These are mostly for my personal reference.

3.5/5 Better than Average

All Star Superman (1-12)

A slightly different take on Superman. Good but a little strange. I’ll have to give this one a 3.5 because only a week later I can’t remember anything in particular about this series. Neither good, nor bad.


2.5/5 Less than average

For various reasons, mostly due to the story lines being to strange, these can be forgotten

Ultimate Iron Man 01-05
LOTDK 01-05
Planetary 01-07
Legend of Drizzt - Neverwinter Tales 01-02
The Death Of Captain Marvel


4/5 Very Good

Another good Batman comic. Batman: Dark Victory is a 14-part comic book limited series.

Dark Victory - Batman


4/5 Very Good

I'm hoping this is the turning point for the Ultimate Series. We'll see.

Ultimate Nightmare (1 of 12) – Galactus Series (Nightmare, Secret, and Extinction)


3.5/5 Slightly better than average. Pending more issues

This one can really go either way. After reading the first 12 I'm enjoying it way more than the TV show because there is far less 'drama'. The TV show seems to much like a soap opera for me.

The Walking Dead (1 of 12) – Zombies (What else?)


Recommended 4/5

Few and far between, but here are a couple more I can recommend.

Nemesis (4 of 4) – Super villain Wins
Batman 465-471 – Surprisingly good


Better than Average 3.5/5

All of these were acceptable but just barely short of a solid recommendation. Both the Powers and Nomad comics are series so further reading may push them one way or the other.

Powers (1-12) - Great Idea, just needs something I can't define.
Nomad (1-4) - Rather good for a 1990 comic. Good potential.
Zombie Tales (1) – Short Stories. Unfortunately they only made one issue.
Batman 620-625 - Good and done in 1993.
Ultimate Daredevil (1-4) - One of the best of the Ultimates Line.



Just average. Some are series so it's possible that future issues could modify that ranking. As a general rule the "Ultimate" Series should be called "Ultimate Bicker" as the writer believe that constant internal team conflict is essential to every story. Otherwise these would be 4/5's.

Ultimate Spiderman (1-13)
Ultimate X Men (1-20)
Ultimate Team Up (1-10)
The Ultimates (1-13)
Hard Boiled (3 of 3)– Lost Greatness due a poor ending
Infinity Gauntlet (6 of 6)
iZombie (1-6)
Secret War (5 of 5)
Sweet Tooth (1-5) – After the first 5 the story needs to pick up
Complete Concrete - I really wanted to like this one, but it was just average


Below Average

I found the following "Not Recommended" for one reason or another. YMMV.

Ultimate Adventures (1-6) - To strange not to be a satire, but not good enough to be a good satire
Preacher – Just plain strange
Dr Strange - Difficult to follow and not enough reason to care
The New Titans
Dr Fate - Difficult to follow and not enough reason to care
Transmetropolitan - Strange, just to be Strange does not mean good
Darkhawk - a really generic hero and story
Grim Leaper – Started good, but went south
Excalibur - Identical to other old Xmen Comics, and not in a good way
Awakening – Poor Art
Daredevil Man without Fear – Lackluster Art and Average story
The Question – Lackluster Art and the story went nowhere



One of the most anoying things I'm finding with many of these comics is that a lot of them start out well, or have a great story idea, but like bad anime or a Steven King novel, the just can't end the story well. I've read a couple of each of these, and so far I want to read more, but I'll have to wait on any recomendations.

Black Hole (1)
The Boys (1-3)
Incognito (1-2)
Harvest (1)


Not Recommended

I found the following "Not Recommended" for one reason or another. YMMV.

Pieces for Mom
100 Bullets
Bump - Poor Ending
Holy Terror
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
Kid Eternity
The Invisibles
Great Pacific - Story didn't go anywhere
Fury Max
Ghost Rider
The Five Fists of Science
Bad World


Somthing new. I was sick and out of work for a 4 days and bored out of my mind. So I read a lot of comic books. With to many to review all of them, I think I'm going to do this in large groups.

Enormous (2012)
Read: 6-12-2013
Single Issue
3/5, Average

Good idea, good art. Unfortunately the author didn’t know where he wanted to go with this, and it really would have been nice to not include the cliques for once.

A Complete Lowlife (1995)
Read: 6-10-2013
Single Issue
1/5, Sucked

People actually like this kind of crap? Uggh.

Dredd - 2000AD (1977+)
Read: 6-10-2013
2/5, Poor

Maybe there was a story buried under the art, but if it was, it was buried deep. Comics need both story and art. Otherwise I’d just read a book, or look at a painting. On a side note, its scary how much Sylvester Stallone looked the comic.

Battlefields, Tankies (2009)
Read: 6-7-2013
Issues 1-3 (limited issue)
3/5, Average

Hard to evaluate this one. The “battlefields” series is a set of 9 comics broken into 3 sets of 3. None of them overlap so they can be read independently. It could have been a great series, maybe something like Crecy, but its not. It doesn’t really tell a complete story, and doesn’t seem to have a point. That being said, its done well, but it could have been so much more.

The New Mutants, 1983
Read: 6-7-2013
Issues 1-4 (1983)
2/5, Poor

Ummm no. The formula has gotten old. This could have been written 20 years ago and that’s not a good thing.

The Uncanny X-Men, 1975
Read: 6-7-2013
Issues 108-167 (1975-1983)
1/5 Just plain bad

Issue #167 introduces the “New Mutants”. The last 50 or so stories have had nothing in them to recommend them for reading.

Ex Machina, 2004
Read: 5-6-2013
Issues 1-40
3/5 Average

Good idea, good start, dies from lack of direction. The author tires to take about politics wants you to think he is going to talk or cover some interesting issues. But he doesn’t. His depth is online headline deep. Add to the fact that he jumps from issue to issue and never covers anything in depth, and you have a poor story. And throw in a bunch of 2 dimensional stereotypes just cause.

The Authority, 2008
Read: 6-6-2013
Issues 1-29, vol 1
3.5/5 Slightly Above Average

Good Start but the writer couldn’t hold it together. Got way to weird to fast and the “save the universe” storyline hit about episode 5. Not a good sign. Unfortunate cause I really liked the, “Hey I’m superman, I think I’m going to kill some 3rd world dictators and make the world a better place.” The writer of the series is Warren Ellis who seems to be a big name, but I’m going to call him the Steven King of comic books. Great Ideas, great starters, but can’t finish a damn thing worth crap.

Think Tank, 2012
Read: 5-30-2013
Issues 1-5, vol 1
3/5 Dead Average

After 5 issues I really expected some more depth. But I guess you just not going to find it here. Its almost like someone watched the 80’s move Real Genus, turned it into a comic book and forgot the humor.

The Exterminators, 2006
Read: 5-30-2013
30 Issue complete run
3/5 Average

I really liked this when I started the first 4 issues of so were great, but the story took a massive left turn from science fictions to the reincarnation of an Egyptian Bug God. Strange to say the least. Its Unfortunate that the writer seemed to flounder in direction with lots of sub plots that went no where. This really could have been great.

Uncanny X-Men
Issues 94-141 (1975-1981)
Read: 5-2013
3/5 Average with some exceptions

#113 Backstory for Magneto
#137 The Dead of Jean Grey and the Phoenix

There are a couple of notable stories in this batch, but the increase in quality is still very slow and sporadic. Pacing and characterization are still weak.

This is a great site with information and Trivia

4 issues, 1989
Read: 5-16-2013
3/5 Average

You would be better off reading Neuromancer or one of the Shadowrun books.

B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs
1 issue, 2004
Read: 5-16-2013

B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs is the third trade paperback collection in the B.P.R.D. series. It really does not stand on it's own. The first BPRD collection is Hollow Earth & Other Stories. To start from the begining you should read Hellboy: Seed of Destruction.

Blackgas v2
1 issue, 2007
Read: 5-16-2013
2/5 Poor

How quickly a B- goes to a D-. Nothing worth reading here folks, just move along.

Blackgas 1
3 issues, 2006
Read: 5-15-2013
3.5/5 Slightly Above Average

A pretty basic zombie comic. The story really could have been fleshed out more, but they managed to avoid most of the cliques and added one or two novel twists. Add a great ending to that and you have a solid B-. More importantly, I'm interested enough to read the next one.

31+ issues, 2013+
Read: 5-14-2013
3/5 Average

I think the article from Wikipedia says it better “Set in a world where all chicken and other bird meats are illegal and the FDA is the most powerful government organization. The main character is a 'Cibopath' who can take a bite from anything and get a psychic sensation of what has happened to that object.” Yea it’s strange, but unfortunately its not strange in a way that made me want to read any further than the first issue.

55 issues, 1991-1994
Read: 5-14-2013
2/5 Poor

This comic was on multiple top 20 lists so I figured it would be at least average. I must be missing something cause it reads more like a children’s Saturday morning cartoon.

5 Issues, 1998
Read: 5-12-2013
2/5 Poor

I was hoping the comic book had some deeper story or interest that was lost in the film. My hopes were in vain.

Single Issue, 2007
3/5 Average
Read: 5-11-2013

Forgettable. Originally written by fans of the original Night of the living dead. They asked the question what was happening in the rest of the world when the Night of the Living Dead happened in Pennsylvania in 1968. I’ll read one more just to see, but this one is dead C average. A Series of 4 more was written in 2011 and followed by a series called Jungle Jim.

WE3, 2002
3 Issue Series, 1985
3/5 Average Read: 5-11-2013

This one is very hard to review. Great Art with some interesting moments. I just don’t think the author was able to pull it all together into a good finished final story.

30 Days of Night
Issue 1, 2002
2/5 Poor
Read: 5-1-2013

A+ Story idea. D Artwork. After one issue I was seriously not a fan of the sketch style artwork. This would be far better as a novel. I saw the movie, and was also underwhelmed. Such a shame to waste such a good idea.

X-Men: Giant-Size Vol 1, 1975
Read: 5-3-2013

The Big Reboot.

Who says reboots are a new thing? This is where the whole X-Men thing gets really complicated quickly. All but one of the old team leave and are replaced by new characters. Some of the old ones then come back, but some of the new ones leave.

The story just doesn’t make all that much sense. Presto change, new super mutants. Sorry if you like the old characters.

The Uncanny X-Men, 1970
Issues 67-93 (1970 - 1975)
Read: 5-1-2013

Reprints? WTF? So they actually just reprinted old comics but continued to number them as if they were new? What kills me is the fact that there is no indication that this is just a reprint. They slapped a new cover on it and called it a new issue. I would say this was an all time low point, but they did a very similar thing with “Classic X-Men” a few years later.

The Uncanny X-Men, 1963
Issues 1-67, 1963-1968
Read: 4-24-2013

I was lucky enough to ‘find’ the first 200 or so of these in digital format so I figured I should read the quintessential series from start to finish. They are currently in the 600’s so I may run out of steam before I finish.

Some initial thoughts after the first 50.

These are really not very good and have not stood the test of time at all. The stories, the art, and the dialog are all poor. The professor is pretty much a Jerk. Women in 1963 were “Not looked upon with respect” shall we say. The villains are embarrassing. The Vanisher? Plantman?. There is no way you could predict this would become the powerhouse that it has.

This is a great site with information and Trivia

Andromeda vol 1, 1977
3.5/5 Slightly Above Average
Read: 4-20-2012

A science fiction anthology magazine. Short stories turned into comics. Many of them were strange but it was a good read. Unfortunately there is almost no information online about them. I only had this one issue and was unable to find any collections or digital copies.

The Tripods
Based on the 1967 Series by John Christopher
Published in “Boy’s Life” Magazine 1981
2/5 Below Average
Read: 4-15-2013

Probably only for fans of the books. I had always loved these books so I was excited to find the had been turned into a comic. As a side note: I never knew there really was a magazine called “Boy’s life” I just thought it was a gag from the movie Airplane. Sad but true.

Death’s Head
1988, vol 1, 10 Issues
3/5 Average
Read: 4-15-2013

Good artwork with clean lines, but an underwhelming story. The story is so underwhelming that I’m having trouble remembering anything of interest about it only a month later.

Challengers of the Unknown, V2
Challengers of the Unknown vol. 2, 1991. 8 Issue limited Series
2.5/5 Below Average
Read: 4-10-2012

In reading a review of the original series the reviewer mentioned that the main characters all seemed to be clones of one another. Unfortunately this is still a problem. While the author did create a unique character for one of the four, the others seem to be all to interchangeable and hard to tell apart. I could have lived with that, but the ending simply poor.

On the other hand. I went back and read the very first appearance of the Challengers in DC Showcase #6, from 1957 and they just don’t make dialog like this anymore

“Despite the pilot’s frantic efforts to wrest the plane from the hands of death, the plane screams down from the skies and plows a terrible path through the trees of the forest below”