Articles of Merit

After a lot of reading I've collected a number of articles I think are worth your time to read. Think and enjoy. Please read the articles from the original source links when possible. I've saved copies of the articles only in case the original links are down.

Articles of Merit

"Why we cannot prove Biblical Errancy or Inerrancy" by B.A. Robinson
Source       Copy

"Why Should We Place Christ at the Top?" by Robert Ingersoll
A section from the paper "About the Holy Bible".
The entire paper is recommended but it is very long.
Excerpt Only       Source       Copy

"The God of Love and the brutality of the Crucifixion" by by Earl Doherty
An Excerpt from "Challengin the Verdict"

"The Relativity of Biblical Ethics" by Joe Edward Barnhard.       Copy

"The Problem with an Inexperienced God" by Darcy West       Copy

"Questions about Genesis" by Darcy West
See sections 3 & 4       Copy

"The Meaning of Life" by Adrian Barnett
Is there meaning in life without God?       Copy

"Gentle Godlessness: A Compassionate Introduction to Atheism" by Paul O'Brien

"How to Fight the Religious Right" by By Brian Elroy McKinley
A guide to defending yourself against Fundamentalist Christians
Does the bible say what you think it does about Abortion, Alchol, Homosexuality, and etc.       Copy

"The Absurdity of Original Sin and Salvation" by Kenneth Harding       Copy

"The Essence of Christianity", by Robert M. Price 1997
Is Christianity the doctrine of love or atonement?

"Asymmetry of Conversion", by Steve Locks
Do more Christians become atheists than in reverse?

"A God Of Love Or a God Of Atrocities?", by Mike McClellan

I added this because you just have to visit a site with a title like this.
Christian Lesbians

Other Great Sites

Religious Tolerance The Premier 'Must Read' Site.

Losing My religion Excellent site with testimonials from former Christians.

Ebon Musings Good site

Secular Web Library A Large collection of articles, but can be hard to find stuff.

Positive Atheism A List of Articles.

American Atheists Org Politics and Activism. Some good information, Some mis-information.

Born Again Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity and The Bible - Hope or Hoax.

Robert G. Ingersoll Search for the writings of Robert G. Ingersoll.

Skeptic's Annotated Bible 'The bible for doubters'.

Kenneth Harding Kenneth Harding, Excellent articles and commentary.

Why I left Christianity Testimonials, articles and links.

Articles by Topic

Once upon a time this section had links. One of the only constants of the WWW is change and few sites come and go as fast as ones about religion. A quick search on Google should find similar articles and none of these should be hard to find. What is important is to know that vastly different views exist for all of these and many of the things you thought were absolutely certain, might not be as certain as you thought.

Sex Before Marriage is bad and the Bible says so. Samuele Bacchiocchi
I don't think 'sex before marriage' is mentioned in the bible, or if it’s there, it’s rather vague.

Homosexuality is bad, and the Bible says so.
Or The Bible has remarkably little to say on the subject.

Evolution can’t answer these 20 Questions. Center for Scientific Creation. Walter Brown.
20 Questions about Evolution Answered. Frank Steiger.

Kent Hovind. The Pro Creationism, Dr. Dino.
Against the Pro Creationism Guy. Lots.

The Story of Noah's Ark is literal and True.
It’s just a story.


Recreational Christianity Humor page, lots of links

Wacky Bible Stories Tale of the golden hemorrhoids.

Chick Tracts These are meant to be serious, which is why they are so funny.
Jack Chick Parody Archives More Anti-Tracts

Christmas Gifts for Atheists
Evolve Fish Fish emblems and T-Shirts

Misc Articles

Buddhist Studies A Basic Buddhism Guide
Major Religions Ranked by Size
The Straight Dope, Who wrote the Bible (Part 1)
Synoptic Gospels Primer - Glossary Synoptic Problem
The World's Major Religions and Belief Systems
Dating the Bible, When Was The Bible Written
Cliff Walker's Big List of Bible Passages
Big List of 'Wonderful' Bible Passages
Sound of Silence in NT, Earl Doherty