PacGuy   April, 2001

This is the pacman clone I wrote in visual basic. A "tile-based" game with a complete level editor.
Download the Program
   PacGuy version 1.1 (450k)
   Source Code version 1.1 (430k)
  (This is the Source Code, you do NOT need this to run the program)
The Main Game Screen. The graphics were rendered with Microstation and the monsters with 3dsmax. As an interesting side note. I couldn't get the "print scrn" button to capture an "in-game" screen. Something with the way I programmed the game. So every picture ends up with the game over message. Strange.

This is the level designer.

This is the level designer sub screen. This allows user to graphically choose the tile set for each level.

And Finally a close-up of the game in action. Ok, when I said I couldn't get a screenshot of the game in action, I was only half right. If I bring up the Ms taskmanager the "prn scrn" button does work. Probably the taskmanger runs an interrupt process. And a little photoshop magic never hurt.
Visual Basic

1. Build your own level with a complet level editior
2. Change the Sprites and Tiles
3. Set dots to require 1,2, or 3 passes
4. Smarteline paintbrush to easily create walls in the editor

Some Program Notes
My most ambitious program. A complete Pacman clone with extras. The smart line code was one I was especially proud of.