JinksPrint   September, 2001

   This program was designed to be the easiest way to make quick prints.
   It is NOT an editing program.
Download the Program
   JinksPrint version 2.3 (41k)
   Source Code version 2.3 (33k)
  (This is the Source Code only, you do NOT need this to run the program)
ScreenShots  (Pictures link to Larger Images)
The Main Program Screen.
This is the Print Margin Config Screen.
And Finally some Advanced Options.
Visual Basic

   1. Simple Interface
   2. By Default, Images are set to their maximum Size
       But you can easily resize in even 1/4" increments
   3. Images are ALWAYS resized proportionally
   4. WYSIWYG (What you see is What you Get) for print layout
Some Program Notes
This program started out as a simple way for my parents to get printouts. After working with it I realized that getting quick printouts was a royal pain. So a few advanced program options have been added so the program is useful to all.