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If your wondering "why bother, we have Facebook and Google?" Let me tell you a story. A couple years ago I was listening to my music collection on random song mode and what do I hear but a track from "On The Rock". I was at my computer anyway so I thought I would use Google to look up the musical and read about what the writers were thinking or see if it was still being preformed. After an hour of fruitless searching I found virtually nothing. It's easy to forget that not everything is on the web, and I'm sure there are thousands of other albums and musicals that are now lost to time. I figure I didn't want these to be included in that list.

As for Facebook. Facebook is not an archiving tool. Facebook ties posts to a single user, and when the user is gone, the posts are gone as well. If I were to make a group, post pictures to the group, and then have every contribute, it would all disappear the day I closed my account. Facebook also has no search feature, so even if you know that you once saw a posting with a picture you want from someone on your friends list, good luck finding it.

As general note, I'm amazed at how horrible I was in taking enough pictures. It still baffles me that I have trips where I took the time to bring my camera, and then only took 2 or 3 pictures. At the same time, I was rather good at keeping all of the program notes, and various newspaper clippings for over 30 years.

I was really surprised at how little I could find about the Wisp resort. This is still a major ski resort that sees tens of thousands of visitors a year. The lack of any historical photos is perplexing.

When looking for data I had the most luck with the used book and music market. I was able to purchase the choir books for both "On The Rock" and "Friends Forever" and I even found an album for sale for "One Small Child".

I found one person selling the Album for Bright New Wings and got lucky that they had a pretty good scan of the front and back covers, so I didn't have to buy that one. And I'm really annoyed at the arranger because on the back cover where he should have written something he says "It is customary to write in this space a few well chosen words that describe and summarize the musical work" but I'm not going to. ARGH!

I was also consistently amazed at the number of artists that created these great musicals, have a webpage, and then don't even mention them. It just seems weird.

Completed 12/11/2015