Mystery Ramble 1987


New York!

  • The Church is still there and seems to look pretty much the way I remember it.
  • The group "The Imperials" still sings and preforms.
  • It looks like the campground closed. I found a news article that says "According to the newspaper article, the township owns 169 acres of property on Westbrook that was once a campground" and have found nothing else about the campground online.
  • It's sad but the Twin Towers in the skyline of NY date this image of NY City.
  • I tried to find a picture of Six Flags New Jersey, and was not able to find one. Not because they have closed, but because every roller coaster that was up and running in 1987 is gone. They have torn down and replaced every one since we went. If your interesting there is an excellent site called the Roller Coaster Database that has tons of information.
  • In writing this webpage I must admit to a slight memory problem. Problem as in I forgot the trip. I did remember painting the fence and sleeping on the ground, but I figured those must have happed on the 1989 trip. It wasn't until I put this together I realized this were two totally separate trips. It didn't help that I only had itineraries for two trips and nothing for the third. Man, this getting old thing is ,,,, I forgot what I was going to say.

  • I remember painting the cast iron fence in front of the church. We started out trying to use paint scraper but that wasn't working at all, so one of the youth leaders thought that a blowtorch might help get the paint off. What kind of crazy person would give me a blowtorch I have no idea. LOL! Somehow, both myself and the church survived the experience.

The Trip

I'll just let Julie tell you about it.

The Trip


I have no idea why I even bothered to bring my camera if I was only going to take 2 pictures on the entire trip. Do you ever want to go back in time and slap your younger self upside the head? Anyway, I was able to use Google Maps and Google images for a couple more.

1. Emmanuel United Methodist Church in NJ
2. Madison Square Garden, NY
3. NY City, on the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty
4. Westbrook Campsite in NJ