Published in 1985
By Claire and Curt Cloninger

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Preformed in 1989 by the GSUMC Youth Choir


It's the final rehearsal for a choir concert. The stage is set (risers, platforms, etc.) for the concert, which is to be the next night. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. It is as though the audience is getting an inside look at a normal choir rehearsal. These songs present the "inner thoughts" of the characters. They give the audience a look into the hearts of certain choir members, and exposes their doubts and fears about surrendering.

  • Put this down as another of the forgotten musicals of the 80's. You can purchase used sheet and the album from a couple of places online, but there is no other information to be found.

  1. Sold Out and Surrendered / What Does Surrender Mean?
  2. Inside Out
  3. Spirit Wings
  4. I'd Rather Go to Africa
  5. All of My Life
  6. Everything But
  7. Willow in the Wind
  8. Part-Time Servant
  9. White Flag
  10. Surrender

  • I remember helping Nick Wagener with the music. We didn't have a band that year but synthesizers were new and he had one. The audio track for the musical was almost all synthesizer driven so he figured with his and mine we could create a passable copy with the two of them. It was slow work back then getting the music into the computer but Nick did it all. He must have spent hours on it.
  • On my first choir retreat there is one thing I remember clearly that would play a part this year. I specifically remember hearing a story from the "older kids" whom climbed the mountain (small hill) on the last day of the retreat. Years later I would wake up Matt Robertson and say "hey, we should climb the mountain before we leave" and so we did. Climbing was not the issue, but on the way down we found ourselves short on time and so had to speed things up a bit. I remember having a conversation with Matt and saying "run straight down mountain and just grab the trunks of the trees as you go past to slow you down". Yep, I was not all that bright back then, but somehow we survived and still today I remember that fondly.
  • I was supposed to play the "cool kid" but I wasn't and had to borrow Byron's letter jacket because I didn’t have one myself.
  • And finally after it was all said and done I was sad that it would be the last time I would ever get to work with that wonderful group of people. And so once again my hat is off to all of you that made those the kind of memories I wish never to forget.

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