Friends Forever
By Jim Weber, Nan Gurley, and Billy Sprague
Published in 1985

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Preformed in 1988 by the GSUMC Youth Choir


The teacher decides to give an assignment and asks the class to define the question, "What Is A Friend?" The students discuss over the issue, some frustrated and even asks, "Who doesn't know what a friend is?" As the students ponder over the subject, many real life situations are brought up and the bond of friendship becomes closer among them. Finally, one of the students who is a Christian declares that Jesus is His best friend. No one would ever die for someone by being a friend but Jesus did. The musical has many witty lines and all the songs are accompanied with choreography. It will appeal to young people because many of the issues discussed relate to them.

  1. Intro
  2. Everything
  3. Everyone Knows
  4. Get Real
  5. Can You Reach My Friend
  6. Thank You
  7. Can't Talk
  8. Is There Anybody Out There
  9. Friends
  10. Never Had a Friend Like You
  11. Friends Forever Medley

  • Unfortunately I could not find much of anything else online. Due to a combination of the single and non-unique title of "Friends Forever" and the super popular title song "Friends" there is just not a lot out there.
  • This is the only Musical I found that can still be purchased and preformed.
  • The Song "Friends" is credited to Michael W Smith and his wife Deborah but I can't find any mention of this musical on his site.
  • The author has a website and even sells the musical via a digital download. It's nice but I really wish that he would say something of interest about the musical.
  • Update 12/8/2015: I found a copy of the choir book for the musical and purchased it. It's not the exact version we had as it's only for 2 part choir, but it does have more information. I've scanned and added it to the site.

Jim Weber's Website
Jim Weber

  • Just one Memory, but it’s a good one. I remember looking around the choir one day at rehearsal and I thought, "a lot of these people seem rather young", immediately followed by "when did I get old?", and then followed by "OMG, that’s exactly what George, Jamie, and Brent must have thought!". It's my fondest hope that the musicals continued long enough for everyone to have eventually have gotten to that moment when they realized they were the "old crowd" and that a younger group was going to come around and would soon take over. It would be the last year to talk to Donnie, and the last year I could walk into practice and yell "Susan!". Thanks for the memories!

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