One Small Child

One Small Child
by Lani Smith
Published in 1974

Preformed in 1987 by the GSUMC Youth Choir
Christmas Musical

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  • There is virtually no information online about this musical. Nothing. It's like this never existed. I found a couple of pieces of sheet music being sold on amazon, but no pictures, reviews, or descriptions.
  • I'm pretty sure this was the first and last time the youth choir ever preformed a Christmas musical.
  • I finally found a copy of the album being sold and purchased it. The cover has been scanned and the album digitized. The back cover had a synopsis of the story which was very helpful.



From the Album Cover

Terry has this problem.

Like many young folks today, he's hung up on people and all the crummy things they do to each other. He's ticked by the drug abuse that kills his friends, he's disillusioned by mass corruption in government, he's embittered by the conditions that seem to drive people to crime and killing, and because of it all he's going to stop his world and get off.

Fortunately, he has two friends who happen along iust as he's about to end it all. Little by little they convince him that one small child born about 2,000 years ago can give him hope for others, providing he'll just stop feeling sorry for himself and get with it, man.

"One Small Child" is a musical about Christmas, but without all the familiar trappings of Christmas. Here you will find no portentous star, no angel choirs, no awe-stricken shepherds. The only wise men you'll run across are the three main characters (they are really no wiser than you or I), who, as the story unfolds, reveal the true meaning of Christ's coming. Which is, of course, to bring us personal salvation here and now.

And that can go a long way toward solving anyone's problems!

  • One Small Child
  • This Time of Year
  • Once Upon a Long Ago
  • Get It Together
  • The Master Plan
  • No One Listens
  • A New Dawn, A New Day
  • God With Us
  • Walk With Him
  • One Small Child (Reprise)

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