Bright New Wings
Music by Cynthia Clawson
Text and Lyrics by Ragan Courtney
Published in 1977

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Preformed in 1986 by the GSUMC Youth Choir


"Bright New Wings" is the gospel set in the Old West. The audience will meet various characters who will tell their story about how Jesus changed their lives."

  • I always wondered by this musical didn't seem the same as the others we preformed. Now, when I checking the date it was written it's obvious that this was created before the entire Christian Rock movement of the 80's. It's amazing the difference in style that only 5 years would make.
  • After my first YouTube search I had thought there were a bunch of groups that were still recording this, but on a closed look there is a children's choir called "Bright New Wings" and another choir called "New Wings". There is nothing online about this musical.
  • Ragan Courtney also wrote Celebrate Life which I think was done by the youth group in 1983 by that was before my time so I'm unsure.
  • Both of the authors have websites but only Ragan mentions the musical on his webpage and when he does, it's only a byline.

Ragan Courtney's Personal webpage
Ragan Courntey

Cynthia Clawson's personal webpage
Cynthia Clawson

From the back cover of the Album

It is customary to write in this space a few well-chosen words that describe and summarize the musical work. I would like to take exception to that practice in order to share a personal feeling.

Arranging Bright New Wings has been for me a tremendously satisfying and fulfilling experience. I think you will have a similar reaction upon hearing it.

The mystery and vitality of Christian transformation is beautifully expressed in the words of the Leper: "To be changed from a caterpillar into a butterfly is amazing: but no more so than being changed from a leper to a child of God"

So "come with us to another time and place," and experience the magi can reality of Bright New Wings".

--Buryl Red (Arranger)

  1. Introduction (Theme) / Explainer
  2. Narration: John
  3. How Can I Understand
  4. Narration: Explainer / Martha
  5. Havin' To Dust
  6. Narration / Martha
  7. Theme
  8. Narration: Explainer / Lazarus
  9. The Truth Of His Grace
  10. Narration: Lazarus
  11. Theme
  12. Narration: Explainer / Sinful Woman
  13. No Man Condemns You
  14. Narration: Explainer / Leper
  15. Thank You, Jesus
  16. Narration: Explainer
  17. Bright New Wings (Theme)
  18. Thank You, Jesus (Reprise)

  • I hate to say it, but I'm drawing a blank on this one. I know it was cough (a few) years ago, but I remember the songs, and I'm in the pictures so I must have been there. I think I even had a solo but I'm getting nothing. A look at the program notes has a rather notable lack of information about "who sang what". I can only assume that I mangled it so much I've blanked it out, lol.
  • If anyone has a memory to add, please let me know so I can put something of interest here.

1986 Bright New Wings

1986 Bright New Wings

1986 Bright New Wings

1986 Bright New Wings

1986 Bright New Wings