"Dreamer, What Really Happened to Joseph"
By Cam Floria
Published in 1983
Recorded by the Continental Singers and recorded in 1983
Edited by Freddie Santos in 1989 and renamed "Joseph the Dreamer"

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Preformed in 1984 by the GSUMC Youth Choir


Unlike many of the other musicals we preformed there are many references to this online. There are lots of YouTube clips of performances of both the original and the revised version by the writer Freddie Santos in 1989 and even a clip by the composer Cam Flora.

I wish there was a site that talked about the musical in more general terms, but there is not. On the other hand, what does exist is a large selection of video clips of various performances. It's a jumble of disjointed clips which makes it a little hard to follow, but they are still great to watch.

Freddie Santos is with the Trumpets' production of Joseph the Dreamer in the Philippines which ran for a long time as a stage show. He edited the original show in 1989 and titled it "Joseph the Dreamer". Online it mentions that he "edited it for a younger audience" but it does not give any details except for the fact that it was "shortened and updated". Thankfully there is a clip on YouTube so you can hear for yourself the changes. Very interesting.

Of particular note, I've notice many of these performances of this musical are in other countries. I find it an interesting quirk that this one musical is so international while all of the other ones we preformed were not.

Dreamer Cam Floria

Joseph the Dreamer (The Freddie Santos Version)

  1. Praise His Name And See It Happen
  2. Like Father, Like Son
  3. Colors
  4. He Will Carry You
  5. Lead Me
  6. Incredible
  7. Mae East
  8. In Moments Like These
  9. One Song Is Not Enough
  10. He Opens A Window
  11. A New Beginning
  12. What A World It Would Be
  13. Down And Back
  14. Everything I Need
  15. The Hand Song
  16. Like Father, Like Son (Reprise)
  17. Praise His Name And See It Happen (Reprise)

  • The fake beards
  • Trying to remember that verse in the song "When times are tough". You sing the verse "You sing the Blues when time are tough" three times and only on the last verse you have to change it to "When your convinced that times are tough". I missed this a lot.
  • Going "on tour" to that little church and trying to figure out how we would do the choreography because there was no space at the front of the church, just a bunch of stairs.
  • Moving the wooden blocks that made up the alter stands while trying to sing. Side Note: In later years the church elders would say that the youth group was no longer allowed to move the wooden platforms as we were "destroying them" so this wonderful bit of choreography would be the last.

1984 Dreamer

1984 Dreamer

1984 Dreamer

1984 Dreamer

1984 Dreamer