Tim's Apple IIe Tribute Page

My first real game computer.  We'll maybe my brother Mark's but I think I ended up using it more.  Thanks to a couple of his high school friends and the old BBS systems a good 1000 hours were well wasted. Thankfully with the rise of computer emulators you can waste time on old games even today.  I booted up the following that I remember.

Virtual Apple Org      Apple IIe emulation via Java in a web broswer,incredible. And they have disk images

Virtual Apple Org      AppleWin emulator. Polished and works great. The new Beta works better but is hard to find.

tk421.net     Tons of stuff about the Wizardry computer game

wizardrygame      More information. Has a working copy of Wizardry dsk file for emulation

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Arcade Boot Camp
Not really a game, but more of an arcade exercise game. Still I remember playing it till I reached "General".

A Classic idea. I'm suprised it was never remade. The original is harder and not as good as I remember.

Archon 2
This improved upon the first significantly. I remember playing this a lot. Still good.

Auto Duel
Simply amazing no one has remade this any better.  Not for those who liked 'quick' games.  I swear it took 30min to go from on particular city to another.

Trying to control this guy with only the keyboard was the main challenge of the game.  I never made it to the end.

Bards Tale 1
A classic. I tried to play again for a few minutes. This is freekin hard. Start, die, Star die. And does anyone remember the magic code system? MAFL, MIBL, the room with the 99,99, 99, 99 orcs ?

Bruce Lee
Not as well known, but one the the best to replay.  Still is pretty fun.  Basic platform game.

Still a good arcade game.But I really suck at this game.

Horrible controls. But I remember playing this a lot. Can't get the controls to work in the Emulator so its hard to judge.

A strategy board game on computer. Not bad but it really needs difficulty levels. I got my butt kicked when I tried to play it again.

I've played a couple versions of this over the years but this one is still pretty good.

Still the King, and still fun to play. Stands the test of time 20 years later. Excellent.

Plays good. Very interesting game play.  I guess this type of game play just is not poplular anymore.

One of the best, and rather hard.

Montezumas Revenge
Not bad. Basic platform game.

A good RPG, but I never finished it for some reason.

Arcade game. It took me forever to finish this one, but I remember finally beating it.

Rescue Raiders
Still good. This game play idea has been copied for a large number of flash games in the past year. I wonder if they have ever played the original?

Return of Hercules
A good 'light'RPG, and a great way to learn my Greek Mythology.  And really easy to get killed.  What was it about these early RPG's and getting killed?

Very basic. No fun with out a paddle control.

Summer Games
Nothing like a perfect 0.0 on the high dive.

Sword of Kadash
The first Diablo.Actually I think Gem Warrior was first but this one was about the same time and a couple decades before Diablo. I never finished this one and would probably need a cheat to finish it.

Ultima 3
Not much needs to be said. Many hours of life spent on this one, but I did finish. What a game.

Ultima 4
This one took forever and ever and ever to complete.  It has a key command to see how many button presses you have made since you started. It was somewhere around 60,000 before I was done.

I don't think I ever finished this for some reason. &I think I got Bards Tale and was distracted. I do remember making maps and maps and playing a lot.